UEFA has been looking at ways to raise the Europan Leagues profile

In his opening speech in the ECA’s biannual general meeting in Split Tuesday, the Juventus chairman stated:”Pending acceptance of this Uefa executive committee, the green light was given to introduce a third contest, bringing the total number of clubs into 96, as of their 2021/22 season.”This usually means the Europa League’s team point would be decreased by 48 teams to 32, together with the brand new competition and also the Champions League all with the exact same number.Uefa has made little secret of this fact it’s been looking at ways to elevate the profile whilst giving a shot in also, and consequently its fiscal advantages, contest to nightclubs of the Europa League.Recently, Uefa has stated it’s”continuously reviewing” its rivals and continues to be”discussing a variety of notions within its Club Competitions Committee prior to any decision on possible modifications could be produced”.However, with Arsenal and Agnelli chief executive Ivan Gazidis representing the ECA on the 17-member ExCo of Uefa, it might appear the choice is a done deal.About the contest will operate, details remain unclear but it won’t be a replacement for the Cup Winners’ Cup, which has been stopped in 1999.


It’s more probable it will be a, together with entrance restricted to groups from the poorer leagues of Europe.Even though this is definitely appealing to the nightclubs, a lot of whom are one of the ECA’s 232 associates, it’s very likely to trigger strain at European Leagues, the organisation which represents leagues in 25 states, a lot of whom are concerned about the impact Uefa prize money has about the competitive equilibrium of the competitions.In addition to the future of Europe’s club contests, Agnelli informed ECA members who Uefa’s revised Financial Fair Play principles”will be much more powerful than those we had set up which delivered amazing results” – that being a reference to this dramatic decrease in club debt because the cost-control steps have been introduced in 2011.Agnelli also said nightclubs need a”comprehensive evaluation of the present global match calendar” following 2024, since the”present model requires modernising”.